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The S1 Jacket with "Retain", does exactly that. It retains my body heat so that I stay warm and dry in the harshest weather without bulky and restricting layering of clothes. It also breathes so that I do not over heat during strenuous activities. I can now enjoy any outdoor activity, under any circumstances, or weather conditions, as long as I like.
Ceri Lewis


About Arctic Shield

The Arctic Shield company began in 1997 with the goal of providing the outdoor enthusiast with the warmest outdoor wear possible for extreme weather conditions. The Hunting Clothing / Outdoor Wear line proved extremely popular and was expanded in 2003 with the Mens Outerwear line of work jackets, work coveralls, bib overalls and warm work gloves in durable fabrics.

Improvements and innovation has always played a part in Arctic Shield's clothing program. Their clothing features adjustable strap closures, 100% cotton canvas outershells (work wear) and the convenience of large front pockets. Exclusive to Arctic Shield is the thermal barrier that captures up to 97% of body heat. With the cold northern temperatures prevalent in Canada, saving heat is a great idea.


Arctic Shield RE-TainT Technology

Retain TechnologyOur exclusive RE-tain™ technology will keep you warm regardless of temperature or windchill.

RE-tain™ is not a traditional insulation, which is bulky and only slows heat loss. It is a thin multi-layered heat resistant thermal barrier that captures and returns up to 97% of your body heat.



Retain TechnologyRE-tain™ is naturally waterproof, windproof, breathable and the unique open cell inner layer helps wick away moisture.

Only ArcticShield® products combined with RE-tain™ technology provide a "Complete Body Warming System™" that really works.


X Scent Elimination System - Scent Control for Hunting

Xscent Elimination System - Scent control for huntingX Scent hunting apparel powered by X-Static® The Silver Fiber™ is an advanced Scent Elimination System (SES) developed for the hunting industry to eliminate body odor in any hunting environment. X Scent hunting apparel uses pure silver to eliminate body odor by binding silver ions to ammonia and denatured proteins.

Advanced features that leave our competitors in the dust:

  • X Scent apparel can't fill up like carbon, so it never requires reactivation, plus it can never wash out because it is part of the fabric
  • highly breathable so you will always feel refreshed and Cool in Warm Weather
  • X Scent hunting apparel Keeps you Warm in Cool Weather due to its thermodynamic properties which conducts body heat away from and around your body.
  • easy clean and washable with mild detergent and does not build up static despite its metallic base
  • 10 years of testing and research by universities, medical industry and the U.S. Military.

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